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Web-based online class platform
Everything about Hikelas Hikelas is the platform for holding online classes without the need to install any software or having any special software information, which has various and advanced facilities to meet the needs of professors and learners.
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List of user classes as a teacher or inclusive along with the application form and class registration Personal information form for display in classes User level upgrade section for assigning professors page and registering general classes Frequently Asked Questions section with questions and answers about different parts of the Platform Panel the number of classes registered as inclusive or instructor The part of changing the password intelligently by sending a new password to the SMS system 021000000724 Test system features as a teacher (instantly and without class request) Testing system features as comprehensive (instantly without class registration) The amount of credit that can be deducted from the teaching fee or the deposit for enrolling in the class
Share the screen or image of an application professor Image and webcam sharing Microphone sharing or hold a group conference Chat page sharing and file sharing List of learners and expulsion operations, activation / deactivation of the microphone and chat page for learners Number of registered learners and online learners Whiteboard sharing with the ability to save operations Audio and video files Sharing Internet speed notification and alert
View professor shared screen for learners View professor shared image and webcam for learners Play the professor voice Share a microphone to talk to the teacher Chat with professors and other learners and share files Show online / offline or presence / absence of professors in class Display whiteboard of class for learners View audio and video files shared by Master Internet speed notification and alert
All learners in all levels of education from elementary to doctorate and also all academic disciplines can experience the classroom at home using the most complete system of Hikelas online classroom with facilities such as classroom facilities.
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Due to the advancement of technology and the country's need for an advanced system to facilitate distance learning, the online classroom system Hikelas with special facilities is available to all teachers and university professors for free to form classrooms and fix problems.
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